Saeki is one of the only bright lights in his life, until he meets the strange Sawa Nakamura. He finds himself simultaneously shaken and thrilled by their interactions, especially after Nakamura catches him taking Saeki’s gym clothes. It isn’t traditional horror, but it’s an intense character study told in gorgeous Rotoscopic animation that will warp your mind.

This one really stands out from other isekai series, it is a bit heavy heart at the beginning but it pave the path on the main character growth and development. I really found it quite emotional at multiple turning points of Animeflix the main character. Meaby we will see more interaction between cast next season.

She shows little to no care for him but wasn’t cruel to him. Tahomaru believed that she has no love for him and doesn’t care about him. After she stabbed herself for her love and forgiveness to Hyakkimaru, Tahomaru became horrified. When she woke up, Tahomaru doesn’t seem to care about her and focus on his missions. Unbeknownst to Tahomaru, Nui has betrayed Kagemitsu and the land including Tahomaru himself which made her a traitor and an enemy to the land of Daigo.

You’re Almost Ready

Sengoku then takes the stage and orders the executioners to step back a moment before addressing the audience through a Den Den Mushi. He begins by stating there was something critical he needed to share about Ace before asking the Second Division Commander who his father was. Ace replies that Whitebeard is his father but Sengoku claims he is not. Sengoku then goes on to say that the Marines searched an island for the possibility that a certain man bore a child. Newborns, children yet to be born, and even the mothers but they did not find anything.

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  • Our top pick for the best Isekai anime is Rising of the Shield Hero, which follows the titular shield hero as he’s drawn into a strange world, treated terribly, and forced to learn harsh lessons.
  • Since then, he had convinced himself that he does not need anyone and tells him to leave him alone.
  • The doctor of the Whitebeard Pirates rushes over, but Ace, knowing full well that his internal organs were badly burned from Akainu’s attack, tells them it is too late – he can perceive his own life’s end.

In order to overtake, Takumi uses the gutter hook that his dad had told him about years before, using the gutter to exit the turn quicker and overtaking. The next day, Takumi heads to a beach in Niigata with Natsuki in the fully fueled Eight-Six. Despite usually needed car-sickness medicine for trips, Natsuki notes that she didn’t need them because Takumi drives so smoothly.

Later, Marguerite, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra leave the arena, now back to normal much to the joy of their fellow Kuja warriors. As the three were in stone, they couldn’t remember much of what happened before the fight, only awakening to find Luffy next to them who was only glad that they were alright. Marigold then lights a match and sets herself on fire, but oddly does not feel it much to Luffy’s surprise.

EP 50 The Lives Of The Village In The Sticks

EP 37 A Favor for Julius Julius enlists the aid of an expert in dark magic items and sends two Magic Knight captains to investigate reports of bandits near a distant village. EP 16 A Reunion Across Time and Space A flashback to the truth behind the first Wizard King’s battle against the demon serves as prelude for a new face joining the fight against the devil. EP 11 Storming the Shadow Palace A team of squad captains and talented Magic Knights invade the Shadow Palace, where a few formidable elves await the arrival of the final magic stone. Rhya welcomes back two old allies as the Apostles of Sephira open an eerie portal over the capital. EP 25 Mage X Rill surprises everyone by entering the competition! Or will Rill make everyone question a captain’s capabilities?

Lorenzo and Daniela try to stop Luca, but he avoids them to finish the race. Finally, he makes it to the top of the hill, but it begins to rain, and he hides under an awning. At that moment, Alberto suddenly arrives with an umbrella to help Luca, but Ercole trips him up, revealing his sea monster form. As everyone proceeds to net him, with Ercole grabbing his harpoon, Luca surmises the courage to ride into the rain and rescues Alberto as they ride down the hill. Meanwhile, Daniela and Lorenzo, learning that Luca has run away, head to the surface to find him.

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